Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #33

Circumstances and events that are beyond our control decide and change the trajectory of a life with impunity, be it human or animal. But unlike animals, who never know what different paths their life could have taken if a single instance had happened in a different way, we - humans - dream and fantasize and … Continue reading Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #33


She smells like daisies, She smells like daisies, And I am the grey sailor standing under the grey skies


Udhampur fast local roared into platform no. 2, right on time. The waiting crowd moved en masse, latching onto the door handles to grab an empty seat, and crashed

Customer Care

"Hello Sir, you have reached the post-sales service offices of T-rex Inc. How may I help you today?" Jasmine speaks in her trained neutral accent into the headset.

Untitled #1

Unable to stand up from the table, I was inching towards my ruin giving away everything I had ever dreamed of, A hundred eyes watched my slow death, mildly amused. But only you queitly pulled me aside, “Are you mad, can’t you see? This game is rigged, you will lose every penny.” I gave you … Continue reading Untitled #1