Take My Breath Away


Photo by Max Andrey

She smiled that smile,
that beautiful, haunted smile;

She smiled in spite of all the pain
and all the scars this world had given her,

And she took his breath away.

She gave that look with her eyes,
that warm, kind look with her eyes,

Even though her eyes have
seen the worst of everyone,

And she took his breath away.

She called out with her voice,
that voice like a nightingale,

That voice which was ignored by them
while she was defiled and despoiled,

And she took his breath away.

Not knowing her name he turned,
and looked at her broken body,

He turned and tasted her melancholy mind
and he found that he was starving,

Starving all his life to
fall in love with someone like her.

So he called her out
from the deepest recesses of his heart,
He called her out
like a painter calls out his muse,

And he took her breath away.

– Ashutosh Vikram

Hello there. How are you? Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for reading this piece. Did you like it? I hope you did. If you want to read some more interesting pieces of fiction, check out my profile at Medium. Thanks a lot, and Happy reading.

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