Have You?


As  the loose strand of hair comes down
you brushes it off ever so slightly behind the ears,
and your fluttering eyes wander all across the room,
settling upon everything with a gentle gaze,
everything but me,
as if I didn’t even exist,
I don’t think that you have made me invisible
to your eyes,
but have you?

And my gaze,
my harmless gaze raising uncomfortable questions,
questions which can only be answered
by uncomfortable silences
the only thing I ever asked you
was not to deprive me of the right
to look at you,
but you still haven’t granted me that permission,
have you?

I see you are wearing the dress which I gave you
back when I could still gift you a dress,
these days my eyes can’t even meet yours,
like they are afraid of finding that you hate me,
although the truth is that they are more afraid
of finding nothing for me in your eyes,
finding that you have forgotten all about me,
but you haven’t,
have you?

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