The other side of the Lake

The afternoon sun shone bright over the tranquil lake. I could see him standing right there on the opposite shore, in all his majestic glory. The leaves fell all around me as I tried my best to force my companion to move along faster. It was time for our meeting by the side of the lake as the breeze ruffled my hairs and also his, although his hair were fewer in number.
My companion was busy on her handheld device and had the two wires stuffed into her ears, which meant she couldn’t hear me. She held on to me tightly and no matter how hard I tried, would not let me go.
Across the lake, I could see some movement. A huge mechanized hound was standing near him, and there was a lot of commotion.
I once again indicated to my companion the desire to meet him. She gave me a puzzled look, trying to learn what I wanted to say.
“Why are you getting so excited today?” She still looked confused.
The mechanized hound was now moving towards him. A sense of foreboding dawned upon me. I wanted to warn him, tell him that he should run away. But my voice wouldn’t carry over to him, drowning out under the thunderous screams of the hound.
He wouldn’t be able to run anyways since he did not have any feet.
And then they started hitting him. With axes and with machines. I shouted frantically for help, and my companion became agitated. “Shut up, shut up. What has gotten into you today?”
I tried telling her that he is being murdered, right in front of our eyes. But she didn’t seem to listen. Or even if she did, she didn’t seem to mind.
So I broke her grip and I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I ran while my companion ran after me. I kept shouting at him to be patient, telling him that I was coming and I was going to save him from all these wretched people. They cannot take him away for me, not like this. Not in front of my eyes.
I ran all around the lake, to the opposite end where he stood. I pushed through the gathered crowd of static pedestrians and black-clad devils to come out in the open, only to find that he was already dead.
“What is this dog doing here?” someone shouted from the crowd.
“I am sorry. He broke the leash and ran. I don’t know what happened.” My companion spoke over heavy breathing, having finally caught up to me.
As my companion put the leash back on me, tears rolled down my face. His demise was taking place in front of me, and I was powerless to do anything. I could hear the murmurs of the crowd, “had to be cut…….blocking the road…… old……I have often seen this dog playing nearby…..” but I didn’t understand anything. The crowd slowly dispersed as the memories of all the time I have spent under his comforting shade brought tears to my eyes. I gave out a sad, melancholic howl as my companion took me away.
Meanwhile, the black-clad devils chopped him to pieces and loaded the remains on the mechanical hound. As I gave one last look from the other side of the lake, the mechanical hound and the devils were gone, and I saw a stump where yesterday there stood an old mango tree.

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