Viewing Machines


Inspect infinity,
look at the endless.
Behold the unknown,
stare into nothingness.

Give them a closer view,
Observe it all thoroughly,
maybe you’ll find your way back home,
maybe you’ll get through it easily.

As ominous clouds gather up on the horizon,
and their distant rumblings reach the shore,
stare into the eye of the storm,
reminisce at the days of the yore.

And as the crimson comet of your chimera
burns through the sooty skies,
gaze at the guiding beacon of your life,
watch the moon’s reflection on high tides,

Look like you’ve never seen
the endless horizon before today,
study the vast mass of waves
in front of you spread out in grey,

Look as if you’ll never again get to see this view,
the red and the black and the green and the blue,
Watch the planets, the galaxies, the stars,
the whole universe through a telescope of hours,
and maybe you’ll find yourself there,
looking back at you.


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