Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #3

अफ़वाओं का क़ुसूर नहीं साहेब

मैं वैसे भी कई बार मर चुका हूँ

जॉन एलिया

It is not the rumors’ fault my good sir, I have been dead a lot anyways. – Shayari by Jaun Eliya

The most amazing thing about John Eliya’s poetry is how he can say a lot of things in very few words. In these two lines, he has created an entire world – a human, the one which we encounter almost daily in our lives. The person to whom our leaders and the media refer to as the “common citizen”. One day, rumors of his death spread across society. But that person is not much bothered by this, because he has seen himself die many times over in his long and simple life – he has seen his dreams and morals, memories and stories getting sacrificed again and again, on the altar of time and circumstances. And in any case, his life has far too many other important issues to deal with.

He has to live the life, and watch something inside him die a little with each passing day.

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