Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #22

Sonder & Chrono-sonder

Sonder ; /noun/ : The realisation that each random passerby is living a life as complex & vivid as our own.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

We believe that we are the main characters of our own story, a protagonist surrounded by the supporting cast of family, friends & acquaintances. As years pass, some will fade away while others will take the mantle of being billed second in the movie of your life. But in the background are the extras, the strangers & passerby who have little or no importance in our movie, just like we have none in theirs.

Sonder is a horrifying feeling at first, but it soon becomes liberating. The fact that there is no movie, no story, no heroes & villains frees us from the hidden burden of being a winner all the time, like the hero of a fictional narrative.

But what about all the gazillions of people who lived & died before you were born? Or the gazillions that will be born after we die? Every human who ever lived, is living or will live before our species goes extinct has a distinct character, a different existence. What about the story of their lives?

Chrono-sonder ; /noun/ : The realisation that everyone who has come before us, or will come after us, has lived or will live a life, as complex & vivid in its own right as ours


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