Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #4

ज़मीं पर चल न सका, आसमां से भी गया, काटा के पर को परिंदा उड़ान से भी गया तबाह कर गयी पक्के मकान की ख़्वाहिश, मैं अपने गाँव के कच्चे मकान से भी गया - Shayari by Shahid Kabir Couldn't walk on the ground, couldn't get to the sky After getting his wings cut off, … Continue reading Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #4

Hey Look !!

Hey look, they're killing himand shooting others in the streets,the world is going mad andthings are getting crazy,Some have turned into cannibals,while others have turned into sheep. Hey look, they're raping witchesand doing all kinds of nasty deeds,there is no truth & no liesand everything is make-believe,the rich get all the richeswhile the poor die … Continue reading Hey Look !!

Have You?

As  the loose strand of hair comes downyou brushes it off ever so slightly behind the ears,and your fluttering eyes wander all across the room,settling upon everything with a gentle gaze,everything but me,as if I didn't even exist,I don't think that you have made me invisibleto your eyes,but have you? And my gaze,my harmless gaze … Continue reading Have You?