The pundit and his cat

A long, long time ago in an unnamed village in India, there used to live a famous, old pundit in a large hut with his wife and their two children.One day, the old man was sitting in the veranda of his house reciting his evening prayers when he saw a white cat trying to tiptoe … Continue reading The pundit and his cat

an old green bench.

It was an ancient wooden bench; the paint had worn out over the years leaving behind crumbling patches of green over a uniform dirty brown. Situated under an old tree, it overlooked the diamond shaped lake and the thicket of shrubs and trees on the opposite side. The bench was rarely ever used, hidden in … Continue reading an old green bench.

The Son of his Father

"Fix me a drink." He seemed pretty dull that day, duller than he looked on the other days. He even forgot to specify the drink, but I already knew what he wanted. Gin and Tonic with no ice, the usual order. I had never seen him drinking anything else in my bar.