how you make your gravy.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash “There !!” she pointed at the horizon, and the collective gaze turned towards the concrete road in the distance, shaded by mango trees. In a couple of seconds, they could make out a faint outline - a white tricycle being driven by a man hunched over the handles as … Continue reading how you make your gravy.

Confessions of a broken mind

Refresh the page. The message remains. Again. The same result. Again. Unchanged. Again, and Again and Again. Truth doesn't care about feelings. ‘Why, why would she do it?’ Uninstall the app & turn the phone off. Switch it back & reinstall the app. Go to messages and open the one on the top. The one … Continue reading Confessions of a broken mind

The Tunnel

Every year I promised myself that I won’t get the shit scared out of me this time. But no matter how mentally prepared I was for it, no sooner had the train entered this tunnel, than I felt like it was the start of a living nightmare.