Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #23

Somewhere I can't be found,Deep in the jungleswhere there's no sound,There are places I know,from the famous spots,to the roads unknown,where no one knows my name,I still see you everydayfrom my earliest memories,and you still look the same,Stopped using Instagram,and tweeting my every thought,I have no notifications,but every song is our jam,I hear you singing … Continue reading Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #23

Have You?

As  the loose strand of hair comes downyou brushes it off ever so slightly behind the ears,and your fluttering eyes wander all across the room,settling upon everything with a gentle gaze,everything but me,as if I didn't even exist,I don't think that you have made me invisibleto your eyes,but have you? And my gaze,my harmless gaze … Continue reading Have You?