Transmissions of a Satellite Heart #16

There is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem

Christopher Moltisanti (The Sopranos)

Chris Moltisanti is one of the greatest characters written in the history of television (and visual media in general), just like most of other Sopranos characters.

But what makes Chris so special, especially for me, is his series long battle with addiction, and his ultimately failed quest to become a better person. As an addict myself, I can see a reflection of my own self in Chris’s image, the way he tries again and again to shed his demons but ultimately fails at the last step.

Some people think addiction is a person’s choice, that they can stop anytime they want, as if addiction is some kind of game you can stop playing whenever you want. A lot of people don’t understand the psychological, physical and most importantly, the spiritual war an addict is fighting every single second when they are trying to ‘get off the stuff’. Its a lifelong battle, and the slightest of mistakes can lead you back on the path of self destruction.

So whenever I feel like I am losing this battle, I put on Dolphins by Fred Neil and read this amazing piece of advice from one of my favorite characters. What I have is a spiritual problem, and no chemical, no matter how much dopamine it induces, can help me, or anyone in that matter.

All of us are fighting this battle in which we think we’re alone, but we aren’t. So keep fighting, cause the end result is worthy of this fight.

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